Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Poll!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll and survey for the past few weeks! All of your feedback was very helpful.

We have a new poll up on the sidebar >>>
It has to do with translation of honorifics. It's a very interesting topic, and we would appreciate your participation!


If anyone is interested in the results of the previous poll and survey, you can find them here:

Poll on longer/shorter release time:
Longer Release Time with little/no typos and better quality raw and subs!

Survey on subbing preference:
Literal Translation!

Please realize that although the majority wants a literal translation, sometimes a literal translation makes it difficult to understand the story, plot, and subs. If this is ever the case, BeTheMan holds the right to use an adapted translation (second place for the survey) rather than a literal translation. We promise this will make your B-Daman eS experience much better in the long run!

We will be using your responses to further develop the way we release our videos and subbing methods. So please take part in our new poll so we can continue to grow as a subgroup!


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