Thursday, October 18, 2012

Possible Release on Friday. Maybe. Just Maybe.

Hi everyone~

This week was a bit hectic, so it looks like B-Daman eS episode 2 will be released sometime this weekend (possibly Friday if D NES and Skypi translate like madmen and suppress any bodily functions and hunger pains).

Thanks to D NES's diligent studying, the subs in this episode have improved since episode one! But because we started with a new program, D NES had to take some time away from translating in order to learn how to use it. Skypi also had to take some time away from translating in order to study for an exam (which was today, and was easy as pie).

The episode also has a lot of technical explanations, so that was taking us a while to get through. However, we've gotten through the worst and D NES and Skypi are back to having oodles of translating time!

Thank you for being so patient as we learn the rules of fansubs, and thank you for all your suggestions and help! We truly appreciate all of your kindness and support ^-^

Check back on Friday for a possible early release! Optimism is key!


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