Saturday, December 15, 2012

Release: Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 04 Subbed

Hello again!

We apologize for our absence, but we finally got around to subbing the next episode. Links for B-Daman eS Episode 4 Subbed are below as usual:

Thanks again for being so patient. There's only two of us, and lately our lives have been hectic. We do plan on subbing the rest of B-Daman eS, so don't think we've forgotten about our fellow B-Dafans! However, don't expect any timely releases. We're trying to get them out as fast as possible, so keep checking back for updates!



  1. Thanks a lot for subbing it. It has an interesting plot, even though, it is still the 4th episode. Carry on guys with your great job. All B-Daman fans will be here to support you! ;)

  2. thank you so much!

  3. Wow you guys are doing such a great job. Thanks!