Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 16 Released!!

Hello Everyone! Here is the release of Episode 16!! I hope you enjoy it, I had a fun time translating and putting it together. I saw the English Dub version and compared it to the Japanese script and it's so different. There are things they change and things that got lost in translation. So, if you want to see Cross Fight B-Daman eS in as close to the Japanese script as possible, please watch this release and the rest I have released and will release. I do my best to stay true to the Japanese script and translate literally and do my best to catch the same feeling of the Japanese script in English.

I was out for a bit because I was studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, but it's over now and I feel that I did great. I will do my best to continue translating and releasing the episodes when I have time. It just turned Summer in Japan and it's really hot in my apartment. I literally sweated as I translated this episode and put it together lol It's not just hot but humid. If you plan to come to Japan, please try to avoid June, July and August because it's really really hot. If you have any questions about Japan as well, don't be afraid to ask me by email or on Discord.

And again, I've been posting updates as I work through the episodes on Discord, so if you want to know the progress on the episodes and what I am up to, please join and read the announcements section for more details.

See you around,



Thursday, April 19, 2018

Join us on Discord!

For those of you that want to be kept up to date about upcoming episode releases, come join us on our discord. For updates on episode releases and to talk about B-Daman, click the link below to join!

We give updates on where we are at in the subbing process, a release schedule and any information that may delay an episode. We basically want to give you an estimated time on when the next episode will be available. We are taking this serious and want to be updating you along the way as we sub and release episodes. We will update it frequently and let you all now what's going on with us as and the next episode as much as we can.

It's also a place where fans can gather and we can all talk about B-Daman!! We're trying to build the community back up now that we're releasing episodes again. Spread the word! We look forward to seeing you there!!

We hope to not let you down and see this to the end. Our server is where you can watch the developments happen. Don't miss out, come join us!!

Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 15 Released!!

Here is the latest episode of Cross Fight B-Daman eS!! Episode 15!!! I really enjoyed this episode and I hope you will enjoy it too!! The Dub changes so much from the original content. I worked hard to translate the Japanese as close as possible to normal English without making it sound weird and still keeping the original meaning. Japanese and English are two completely different languages. I did this while still keeping as much of the original meaning as possible. In essence, I feel I captured the spirit of the series and was able to translate it as close as possible to English without losing the spirit from the Japanese version. I hope you enjoy it!!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 14 Released!!

Here is the next episode of Cross Fight B-Daman eS English Subbed. This episode was part of a special so there's no opening. Besides that there's ads for a contest for B-Daman that ran a few years ago and a time slot change notice that I didn't sub. It's self explanatory really. In any case, this was a really good episode and a fun one to sub!! I hope you enjoy the next episode of Cross Fight B-Daman eS, in Japanese, with English subs!!

Also, for those that already have, thank you so much for the positive feedback I have received. I really really appreciate it! I have been gone for so long and to be given such thanks and congratulations means a lot to me. Thank you! Your spirit gave me the energy needed to sub this next episode and release it! I really wish I had all the time in the world to be able to sub this awesome series. But I have work, and from tomorrow will be busy again. So I will try my best to release the next episodes in a timely manner. Please keep the feedback coming, good or bad, let me know what you think!!

Thanks again,