Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Say Hello to the New Crew!!!!!! Episode 12 Released!!!!!

Thank you for your patience for the release of Episode 12. I was busy getting together a crew for BeTheMan and then we were busy figuring everything out and changing a lot of stuff for this next release, we worked really hard on it so we hope you enjoy it!!

SOOOOOO Welcome the new Crew and their roles:

D NES - Founder, B-Daman Project Lead, Translation, Karaoke
AWI - Timing, Typesetting, Karaoke, Encoder
Mana - Editing, Translation Checker

This will definitely result in better quality releases and will hopefully result in faster releases as well, but I of course cannot promise anything about a release schedule. They will be released when they're released. But know for sure that the quality will be really good!

And just so you know, the next episode WILL be delayed. I am preparing for Spinal Surgery and will be unable to translate for a bit. I will do it as soon as I can.

So for now Enjoy the new Episode!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cross Fight B-Daman eS - Episode 11 Release!! And some Updates!!

Hello again!! Hope everyone is doing good!! Here is the next episode!! I hope you enjoy it!! I really like the end of the episode, I spent a lot of time on it to try and bring out all the emotions and feelings of that scene and to make it perfect. Hope you enjoy it!!

As always you can watch the episode by clicking any of the 3 options on the right side of the main page under How to Watch or by going to the How to Watch tab. Enjoy :)

Also here are some quick updates for you, please leave me any feedback in the comments:

Update 1 - "Episode Status"
I've added an Episode Status feature to the site, on the right hand side you can now see the status of the next episode. I did this so you can be updated as to where I'm at and what I'm doing at the moment.

Update 2 - New poll and I WILL CONTINUE
I put up a new poll and I'd love everyone's input, I'm just curious as to how the fans feel, so I'd love for you to vote!! But not matter what the outcome I Just wanted to inform everyone that I am going to CONTINUE releasing the Cross Fight B-Daman eS English Subbed Episodes. Through the view count on YouTube and the download count on the torrent site, plus the visitor count on my site, I can clearly see that less people are watching it, obviously this was to be expected after a year long hiatus. But that's OKAY, don't feel like I'm going to stop because there's nobody watching my releases, I WILL CONTINUE, no matter what!! So rest assured no matter how long it takes, I WILL FINISH IT!!

Update 3 - Future Plans
Honestly I enjoy the translating part the best, I love the Japanese language and I love translating the episodes. I honestly wish I had more time to do so. It's neat because each character has their own way of speaking and it's really neat to be able to bring out the feelings and emotions of each character through the translation. Instead of just translating it completely literally, I try my best to bring out the personality and emotions of each character and scenes in general. This leads to me spending a lot of time on the translation and the timing and typesetting part gets put on the back burner.

Alright look, I promise, that if I see myself spending way too much time translating each episode instead of timing, typesetting and releasing it, and putting that on the back burner, then I will definitely find someone to do that. The thing is I'd rather do it all myself. I've had bad experiences in the past and I'm a perfectionist so I like my releases perfect. I go over each episode a lot of times, I memorize each episode by the time it's released lol. But if it's for the fans and everyone decides they want someone else to do that so it's a faster, but a less perfect release, then I will do that. But I would love your feedback on this!!

Please share this with all B-Daman fans!! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the episode!!