Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Release: Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 08 Subbed

Good news B-Dafans!

DNES and Skypi (mostly DNES with his mad translating skills) finished yet another episode this week. Links are below as usual! The next coming days are a bit hectic, but we'll try to get another one out as soon as we can!

Also, we used a new video editor program to encode the MP4 file, so let us know if you can see any difference in the quality! It should be a little better!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Release: Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 07 Subbed

Hello fellow B-Dafans!! 

Sorry for the long wait. We want to apologize to all the B-Dafans for our absence. We have not given up, and we will not!

Our lives are very hectic right now and we sub when we have time, which is very little, but hopefully the next release will not be as long a wait as this one...

If you’re interested in why we have been absent you can continue reading:
During these past few months DNES has been suffering from an illness that no doctor was able to diagnose (it prevented DNES from going on the computer, as well as doing other things). Multiple hospital visits and specialists were seen but nobody could come up with a diagnosis. After months of suffering, a diagnosis has been made and DNES is on the road to recovery! All of this while still having to finish a Graduate degree and work. Skypi has also been very busy with school. So because of this we haven’t had the time. Our free time has been little to none. We hope that you understand.

We are happy to be back and subbing for all B-Dafans.

It’s been a very difficult, life changing couple of months, so we thank you for your patience and not giving up on us, because we will not give up on you.