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D NES - Founder, B-Daman Project Lead, Translation, Timing, Typesetting, Karaoke, Editing, Translation Checker, Encoder

About D NES

Hi! I am D NES the man behind BeTheMan Fansubs. I am the original founder of BeTheMan Fansubs. I founded BeTheMan Fansubs to provide B-Daman fans with English Translated anime subs for B-Daman so that they can watch, enjoy and appreciate it in Japanese with English subs. I love anime and everything about Japan. I hope you enjoy my releases!

The History of BeTheMan

In the beginning is was just me working on BeTheMan, then I recruited Skypi to help me out. After that fell apart I continued to work on it on my own again as I was dealing with health issues. Then I realized it was a lot of work, especially with my health issues, so I put together a crew to provide for higher quality and faster releases. But then again, there were misunderstandings between the members and it fell apart. It became too much of a hassle. Then, during this time I was actually starting to feel better with my health issues and decided it was the perfect time to finally start getting my dream of living and working in Japan in motion. I wasn't giving up and was finally going to make it come true!!

So for two years I worked hard and focused on achieving my goal and I finally did it!! I achieved my dream!!! My dream came true!! So for about the last two years I've been living in Japan and the two years before that I was working hard to make it to Japan. So these last 4 years have been the busiest of my life and for good reason, but that is why there hasn't been a new episode released in 4 years.

And let me make something clear, one thing is for sure, I have never forgotten about B-Daman during these past 4 years. I never give up. And when I say I will do something, I do it. I am true to my word. That is why, unless I die or am unable to function, I will not give up on B-Daman and BeTheMan and will finish the series just like I intended to do so many years ago, and just like I said I would. The fans deserve it and I stay true to my word. So for those reasons I have started it back up again. I don't know what the future holds but I will do my best to get them all out in a timely manner.

This is something I had written in my old bio. If anything, it's proof that I don't give up and I follow through with my determinations. I will finish this series one day, you can definitely take my word for it.
I love anime and everything about Japan, and hopefully will live and work there sometime in the near future! I've always dreamed of translating anime and now I am doing so with my knowledge of the Japanese Language. I hope you enjoy our releases :)

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  1. I love the B-Daman series and even more when it is subbed. I am grateful that people like you are subbing the series no matter what it takes. I hope that you finish this series. Cheers~!