Friday, November 16, 2012

Sorry for the Delay!


First, let us apologize for the delay on episode four of B-Daman eS. We can give a million excuses, but just know that we have been trying to find the chance to work on the episode. These past few weeks have been a bit busy, but it should definitely slow down.

We hope to get out episode four soon, but just so everyone knows, we'll be taking Thanksgiving weekend to try and pump a few episodes out. We should have some time then, and we hope to get on some sort of schedule for everyone to enjoy the episodes!

Please let us know if you have any questions (other than asking when the next episode will be released. We'll give you updates as always!)

Thanks again for being so patient and not bothering us about release times! We want to provide the best experience for B-Dafans, so thank you for supporting us as we learn how to be good subbers :)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Release: Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 03 Subbed

Hello everyone~

We finally got the chance to finish up episode three! Here's the download link for the torrent, or you can watch it streaming on our YouTube page as usual. We will also be offering a direct download from now on, which you can find in the "How to Watch" tab under "Cross Fight B-Daman eS."

We're going to start working on episode four this weekend. Thanks for being so patient!