Friday, October 12, 2012

Status Update: B-Daman eS Episode 01

The majority of the process is done, so we just wanted to update everyone on how close B-Daman eS Episode 01 Subbed is from being released!

Raw has been obtained. Timing has been completed. And the video is almost entirely translated. We only have a few sentences towards the end, and the ending song (which is pretty good by the way) to translate. The songs are actually the easiest to translate, I think.

Since we have been editing the subs as we go, much of the editing has been finished as well. Once the ending song has been subbed, we'll review it for any typos and timing issues. After that, it will be uploaded for everyone!

Check out the side bar for the amount of time each step of the subbing process needs >>>

We will announce it here when the episode has been released!


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