Sunday, July 7, 2013

Release: Cross Fight B-Daman eS Episode 07 Subbed

Hello fellow B-Dafans!! 

Sorry for the long wait. We want to apologize to all the B-Dafans for our absence. We have not given up, and we will not!



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Our lives are very hectic right now and we sub when we have time, which is very little, but hopefully the next release will not be as long a wait as this one...

If you’re interested in why we have been absent you can continue reading:
During these past few months DNES has been suffering from an illness that no doctor was able to diagnose (it prevented DNES from going on the computer, as well as doing other things). Multiple hospital visits and specialists were seen but nobody could come up with a diagnosis. After months of suffering, a diagnosis has been made and DNES is on the road to recovery! All of this while still having to finish a Graduate degree and work. Skypi has also been very busy with school. So because of this we haven’t had the time. Our free time has been little to none. We hope that you understand.

We are happy to be back and subbing for all B-Dafans.

It’s been a very difficult, life changing couple of months, so we thank you for your patience and not giving up on us, because we will not give up on you.



  1. Thanks and congrats on a recovery. If it waivers, leave a few details. Some of us are quite gifted and knowledgeable on medical matters.

    1. Wow thank you!! I didn't want to put too many details because most people don't want to know the details and it just sounds like an excuse, so I refrained from doing that.

      But since you asked lol I'll give you some details!! In December 2012 anything I did got me dizzy, driving, going on the computer, walking, reading. So I went to the ER and they said I had Vertigo and TMJ. So I treated both and then they said I didn't have vertigo I had a vestibular dysfunction, so they gave me vestibular therapy and very intense vestibular exercises to do everyday, so I did them and in 5 months I saw some improvement but not a whole lot of it. I ended up in the ER twice after that and both times they couldn't diagnose what I had, I was ruled negative for MS and other very serious conditions. So they decided to run a vng test on me, and fair enough the test showed that a virus had caused permanent damage to my vestibular nerve in my ear, which determines my balance. The nerve is only operating at 30% while the other nerve is at 100% so there's balance issues, so with this they diagnosed me with labrynthitis. So I kept treating it but still I didn't get completely better, so then they said it must be the TMJ that's triggering it so I went to see an oral surgeon and he took an MRI and he said there was a mild displacement of my right anticular disc and wants to do surgery, but he says a natural method could help it as well. So I am now taking the natural route and I am seeing improvement, I am going to physical and chiropractic therapy for my Neck, Jaw, and SCM muscle. Their theory is that I had forward head posture and that caused the muscle and tmj issues on top of the virus that I had which caused labrynthitis, so I'm being treated for my muscles now, and should get completely better in a year, which would be December 2013!! phewwwwww!!!! This would've been too much for the post, but thank you for asking that was very nice of you, hopefully I get completely better so I can sub more B-Daman I love to sub it and I just want to have a bunch of time and great health so that I can do that!! Thanks again!!

    2. Thank you so much!

  2. The amount of people commenting on your blog is nothing compared with the fans of this series.

    Thank you!

    1. You're welcome Jake and thank you that means a lot to us. We wish we could know how many fans watch the series. It would be neat to get all the B-Dafans together in one place so that we could really see how many fans we're actually reaching. It's hard to tell, some stream on YouTube and other sites, others download torrents, some go for Direct Downloads, so we really don't know how many people watch each episode and their feedback on it.

      But thank you for the clarification, that means a lot to us. We release it for the fans!!

  3. I know that im a bit late and all but all i want to say is that HOOPE U ARE FEELING BETTER THAN BEFORE and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the subbed videos. You make it so much easier for me to understand the anime and i totally agree with jake that there are more people watching ur videos than comments that are being seen thx again and you rock!!!!!
    p.s: keep up the good work!!! :D

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH :) I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! That's what I'm here for, to help the B-Daman fanbase understand what's actually going on in the episode instead of guessing, that's the reason I release it for everyone!! Hopefully I can continue releasing more videos in a timely manner!! Thanks again for your comment and comments they're greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)