Tuesday, October 16, 2012

B-Daman eS Episode 2 Update

Typesetting has been done, it took a bit longer than usual, but we will try and have the episode out before the weekend. To anyone who is interested, we picked up a new subbing program that we’ve heard good things about. A few of you actually recommended it to us! So D NES has been learning all week how to use it effectively, in order to provide the best quality subs to B-Dafans. 

We have also found a new raw provider, who has been very kind to us and has answered our many questions. We promise that the next episode we release will be of great quality and subs! So please check back to see who our mystery raw provider is, and whose name will be revealed when we release the episode!

And a quick reminder, if anyone hasn’t done the One-Question Super Short Awesome Survey in the previous post, right now we’re tied at Literal translation and Adapted translation. The next vote could be the tiebreaker, so more participants would be appreciated!

Password is: BeTheManFS
Here's the link to the One-Question Super Short Awesome Survey!


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