Monday, October 15, 2012

Which is better? Short Subs VS Long Subs

Thank you for all the feedback everyone has been giving! It's been extremely helpful in perfecting our techniques!

We've been getting some suggestions and requests about the length of the subs for future episodes. There have been a few people already who have asked if there's any way we can try to shorten the length of the sentences since sometimes they tend to wrap around the screen (we are very aware of how long some of the sentences were, and we're sorry! We were trying to keep it short, while still using all the key words said in the Japanese version, but it still ended up being a bit long).

So we wanted to remind everyone that we still have a survey up, asking about translation preferences (loose translation verses literal translations; short subs verses long subs) and we'd like as many people as possible to participate in it! It's only one question (you're welcome!), multiple choice, and it really would allow us to figure out which method the majority of B-Dafans prefers for future episodes.

Little interesting fact: Skypi is a certified ethical researcher! Because of this, Skypi and D NES have made sure the site being used for the survey is both safe and effective. The survey requires a password, "BeTheManFS" and is case-sensitive, so make sure you type it exactly as it is written.

One-Question Super Short Awesome Survey!

We really want to know everyone's preferences so that we can try to sub B-Daman eS (and eventually the original B-Daman) as best as possible. We want everyone to enjoy the episodes to the fullest! So give your opinion, and help BeTheMan become a great subgroup!



  1. It's really a great idea that you guys have these post as these topics are debatable.

    In my preference, i like it better when the sub follows the dialogue. But sometimes, a long sub is inevitable, but this is usually the last thing to happen as we should always try to find a way to solve them.

    Might i ask if you guys are gonna discuss about honorifics? Things like -san, -chan, -sama, -dono.

    1. We believe that the best thing to do would be to mix it together, but for now we need to know what people prefer. And if people would be okay with long sentences or short undetailed ones. Please log in your opinion in the survey so we can compare everyone’s preferences.

      And yes honorifics will be another survey. We have already created the survey and are just waiting until enough people respond to our translation survey question before posting it.

      We look forward to hearing from you and everyone else :)

  2. Hi. I'm from Brasilian Fansub, and I wanna sub B-Daman eS from your translations.
    Can you guys put somewhere on your site the translation of the preview on episode 1 and the romanji from the OP and END, please?

    1. Feel free to use our translation in order to sub it into another language. However, due to our busy schedules, we might not have too much time to go back and sub the preview on episode one, but if we do we’ll post it up on the site. Fortunately, for episode two, we have provided the english and romanji for the opening and ending. It might be easier if you wait for us to release episode two (which will probably happen at the end of this week). From now on we will be subbing the previews if we have enough time throughout the week. But for now, please wait until we release episode two to use the romanji and preview subs. Sorry for any delays this might cause for you. We hope this helps!