Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Project Hiatus, Willingness to Return and the future of B-Daman

Here are some updates on the Cross Fight B-Daman eS Fansub Project: 

The project has been on hiatus for reasons beyond my control. I have removed all video links from the posts and have removed the How To Watch page on the website. It's in a gray area right now, but I do believe the project can cautiously return. The main issue I belive was with the songs but that remains to be seen. 

I am willing to bring back this project only if I can get some help with timing, typesetting, proofreading, and encoding. For anyone reading this, if you want to help out, or if you know of someone that can help out please reach out to me on discord, in the comments or by email. I have been extremely busy with work lately and as of now can only bring it back if I can get some help with the subs. I would rather ask for help and do my best to release it rather than just give it up without doing so.  

It seems as if the B-Daman franchise is still living!! There will be a reveal in around 3 days with an update so lets wait and see where they plan to take the franchise. 


I will of course still translate the episode. To be honest I have the next 2 and a half episodes translated at the moment, this is not a problem for me. I can send it right away if you would like. I could not release it because of the legal issues but that seems to be calming down now. After I am done translating the episode I will then send out the translation to whoever wants to help. That person will then time, typeset, proofread, encode the episode and then send it back to me. I will remove the opening and ending so that it can be uploaded to YouTube and then I will upload it to YouTube on my channel so that it can reach all the subscribers waiting for the new episodes. I might also link the full version of the episode on Discord, but this remains to be seen. During the title screen you can put your username or tag so that you can get credit when uploading to Youtube. 

It's really easy work, just tedious. I will translate the episode using the Japanese CC file, so almost all the timesetting work is already done. For the attack phrases and typsets, all that really needs to be done is the font changed in the Aegisub program which I can send you the fonts if needed. For proofreading, it requires you to go through each line and make sure each line makes sense and there are no grammatical or spelling errors. If there is something you don't understand then you can reach out to DNES and ask any questions you may have. This will probably be the most tedious part for you. It always took me a long time to proofread as I do not want any errors after permanently uploading it to YouTube. Then lastly encoding, a typical MP4 encoding program is all that is needed. I can give you the font presets and the name of the programs if needed. 

So here's a quick recap:
DNES - Translates episode
Person who decides to help - Times, typesets, proofreads, and then encodes the episode. After this is done sends it back to DNES 
DNES - Uploads to YouTube and maybe to a file hosting website and puts the link on Discord

If this might be too much work for 1 person I am also willing to accept two or three people. 

So if you want to contribute to the release of the English Sub version of Cross Fight B-Daman eS and want to make a difference in the community, then reach out to me so we can collaborate and make this happen. Thanks again for sticking with me on this, I'll see you around!